Is that healthy – it’s all in the way it’s prepared.

When I hear individuals talk about food, they all focus on the basics and ignore many important elements. It’s critical to look at food with a variety of filters. 

First, it’s important to look at food sources. Definitely go for wild with fish. It’s hard to monitor the conditions of fresh farmed fish. With poultry, it’s important to look at alternatives to grain fed. It’s also important to look for natural or organic. Lastly, it’s important to stay away from any protein that contains steroids or antibiotics because you will ingest what the animal was given. With beef grass fed is important. I generally stay away from having too much pork but investigate the source and the conditions under which it was raised.

Second, getting locally sourced food is important. It avoids the need for preservatives, and minerals/vitamins will diminish with time. 

Third, preparation of the food source is important. For example, take a chicken breast. If it is grilled with little to no additives (such as saturated or artificial fats/oils), it’s a great source of protein. However, if you add sauces to it then you’re adding calories and potentially other bad things to it, such as saturated fats. Also, if you compared grilled foods to fried and breaded foods, there is no healthy comparison – grilled foods will always win out. 

Therefore, eat wisely. Know the source and know how it’s prepared. Also, know what your body needs and always eat with a purpose. 

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