Know about Vitamin K? A new study shows some good results…

Most people don’t know much about vitamin K but educate yourself and make your decisions wisely. Vitamin K is a nutrient that is important for maintaining healthy blood vessels. It is found in leafy greens, such as lettuce, kale and spinach, and in some vegetable oils, especially soybean and canola.

A recent study showed no significance associated between vitamin K levels and heart disease. However, it did show that people with the lowest vitamin K levels had a 19 percent higher risk of death when compared to those with vitamin K levels that reflected adequate vitamin K intake. 

While the study was not in-depth but more observational, it’s finding show and support why we need a balanced diet with balanced micro- and macro-nutrients. 

So, I consider vitamin K to be a vitamin to one which you need balance. Too much vitamin K can lead to toxicity. Symptoms of too much vitamin K can lead to decreased appetite, movement and activity. Muscle stiffness and paleness are other side effects. Too little vitamin K can lead to easy bruising, excessive bleeding, heavy menstrual periods, and blood in your urine and/or stool. Find the right balance and when in doubt get tested to make sure your levels are normal. 

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