Know your fats

I write a lot about nutrition, and what to look for in foods. Generally, you need to learn about macros, and then select wisely. 

With fats, I’ve written blogs about the types of fats and those to stay away from. For example, trans fats you definitely want to stay away from. Generally, those are fats from processed foods (especially, carbs) and help preserve those processed foods and maintain a long shelf-life. Saturated fats are aren’t the best, but some are better than others. Lastly, unsaturated fats are the best of all fats. You should check out my previous blogs on fats. 

You definitely need fats to stay healthy, and you definitely need fats if you work out a lot. But, again don’t overdo it. 

I’ve also written a blog about Omega fatty acids. Omega-3’s we’ve all heard about. Keep up the good job in eating them. They come from fish, which is great. Omega 3’s are great, and Omega 9’s are also good. You definitely want to minimize Omega’6’s. 

But, all of this gets really subtle. When these Omega’s come from animals, whether or not it is a healthy fat or unhealthy depends upon what the animal eats. If the animal is fed corns or grains, generally the meat will be heavy on Omega-6’s. If the animal forages or is cage free and eats grasses, the Omega 3’s are high. 

It’s interesting that Spanish ham (jamon iberico) which feeds on acorns is high in Omega-3. If you look at a thin slice of jamon, you will think it’s got to be bad for you because of all the fat. But that fat tends to be a good fat. Jamon also is rich in antioxidants and is rich in essential amino acids. It’s definitely more healthy than other types of processed meats.