Learning to control your SkiErg stroke takes time, but the results will yield results!


This was a great endurance workout for me on the SkiErg. To master the pace of the SKiErg, you must learn how to increase and decrease your pace efficiently as possible. The easiest and most effective way to increase the pace is by controlling speed with the stroke rate.

This format is a great way to cover a lot of meters. Also, it’s easy on the mind switching every 500m. When doing the warm-up find the right drag factor where you will not burn out muscularly when you hit the desired stroke rate
Once you get this down and get comfortable with a higher stroke rate, you will see that just raising the rate will drop the splits and this won’t tax the body
I have been playing with this a lot, and have created some great workouts for my Online Personalized Coaching athletes who want to get better on the SkiErg. Enjoy this session and it will take time to perfect.

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Want to know more about what Pat's Gym offers?