Looking for a great shoulder stability circuit look no further

Shoulder stability is critical. I like to add a workout like this after a tough upper body circuit to help prevent shoulder injuries and work on my range of motion. I start with a hold at the top of the pull up to work on stability in the hardest position. From there I lock out into a handstand on the rings adding in more of a challenge with the instability the rings bring. If a handstand is challenging enough don’t try this one until you can do a free handstand for at least 5 sec .

I added in strength using the bamboo bar to engage more muscles, and it really takes away any hip drive focusing you to stay strict. The overhead ring rotations are to focus on shoulder strength in different planes and you need to focus on retraction the entire time. The toes to rope engage more grip strength and stresses your core in different ways that a bar or rings would. The final movement will use all the muscles that you have engaged throughout the circuit and if you can’t do them on the rings stick with strict HSPU against the wall or focus on negative HSPU’s. 

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