Meet this week’s athlete of the Month

Meet this week’s athlete of the Month – Jason

Jason had worked with trainers at various gyms, and tried CrossFit, but he was looking for something that worked with his schedule. He also wanted to be challenged and wanted something that would help him gain muscle and strength. In addition, Jason was training and fit, but had no muscles, abs or definition. Muscle gain and strength were the goal. 

Jason has been working with Pat Gilles through Online Coaching for the past 5 months. Jason works out 6 days a week and may have missed only 3 workouts during that time. 

Jason’s family has a history of heart issues and other diseases. Jason has asthma and wants to be as fit as possible. In addition, Jason has been a cyclist for the past 10 years, and he focused mainly on cycling and as a goal. As Jason turns older, he wants to be a great shape.

Jason loves working with Pat through Online Personalized Coaching. Jason loves looking at his workouts for the week when they are released. Jason also likes the fact that workouts can be done on his time, meaning that he can go to the gym when he wants and leave when he wants. 

Jason loves the fact that the workouts are well thought out. They workouts are tough and build one upon the other. Jason has come a long way in the past 5 months. 

Jason also is amazed that Pat is always available if he has a question. Jason loves the fact that when he hits the gym, he is never looking at his watch. At previous gyms, with previous trainers, Jason was always looking at his watch waiting for the workouts to end. With Pat’s workouts, Jason goes through each exercise and the time just flies. Jason is amazed that he can be pushed as hard as he can with Pat through Online Personalized Coaching. 

Jason is surprised that he came to Pat looking to build muscle; however, what he has found is more energy, no sickness (there has been no sickness in the past year, clarity, discipline and confidence. Even his cycling has improved. Online Personalized Coaching has been a real game changer.  

Pat Gilles’s workouts are the most well thought out and challenging workouts that Jason has ever done. They are difficult workouts, but you will see changes in your life and fitness level. You will be surprised at the results. I plan on continuing Online Personalized coaching forever. This is not a 60- or 90-day fad. Online Personalized Coaching is a program that Jason says he will do “forever.” If you make the commitment of Online Personalized Coaching, you will feel and see the difference…. for the rest of your life.