Minimal Equipment? You can still get a great chest pump

During this past 6 months of staying at home, creativity is the key to making progress in workouts, and keeping it fresh. Don’t fall victim to the same routines because you don’t take time to explore your creativity. 

This simple KB superset will provide a massive chest pump.  All you need is a set of Kettlebells and a med ball/sandbag/small stool. 

With the KB incline chest press use one arm to recruit more core, position a ball on your mid back or use a ledge, focus on control on the way down with each press. With the deficit KB push up one hand with be on the KB and the other on the ground, do an explosive push up and switch hand position as you come up out of the push up, this will take focus so you don’t land face first on the ground or roll the KB.  

With the crush grip floor press you will grip one KB from sides on the round portion of the bell, squeeze hard as you press up and down on your back. Great for an adduction biased press variation like a fly. 

Remember you can still get an amazing workout with minimal equipment!

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