New equipment and more to come

New equipment and more to come! We’re having fun with the new equipment at Pat’s Gym. The Kevlar balls, Purmotion equipment, Rogue heavy KB’s, rings and new straps, specialty bars, the Peg Board, and the new Concept2 Rowers and BikeErgs. Also, the new AirRunner has upped the intensity and make running in the winter eaiser. We’re having fun and waiting for the new piece of equipment that is being made just for us. That piece of equipment will help keep our athletes healthy, while allowing them to push their boundaries. 

The new piece of equipment is being made just for us. It takes 12 weeks to make and should be arriving in about 7 weeks. The last two clues were that it will come in 11 weeks and that it is made in Ohio. This month’s clue is that it is a huge piece of equipment you can use for recovery and specifically hip and spine health. Keep asking those questions….some of you are getting close. The winner who guesses correctly will get a free shirt!