Next time you grab the sugar think – is food today too sweet? One study says yes.

At the risk of sounding set in my ways, I ask this question:  Do you think food today is sweeter than it used to be. There is a new study that shows that today’s foods are way too sweet. So, judge accordingly as you crave sugar. 

In a recent study, food reviews that were posted by Amazon customers were reviewed to gain insight into people’s food choices. The findings showed that people think that foods are too sweet. In this study “sweet was the most frequently mention taste quality and the reviewers definitely told us that human food is over-sweetened.”  

This study looked at approximately 400,000 reviews posted by 256,043 customers over a 10-year period. With the use of technology, this size of study is possible. 

The scientists found that sweet taste was mentioned in 11 percent of product reviews, almost three times more often than bitter. Saltiness was rarely mentioned, a somewhat surprising finding in light of public health concerns about excess salt consumption.

Therefore, next time your thinking of adding in sugar on your cereal or in your tea, think again. You’re probably consuming too much sugar in foods already.