No equipment for a leg workout? No problem….

Most people will think that they can’t workout without equipment, but that is only an excuse. You can still get a great leg workout with minimal equipment. A single parallette and a touch of creativity and you will 100% feel this leg smash. You can add strength, hypertrophy, balance, and single leg strength will all of these movements. 

On this exercise, on the pistol squats drive your heel through the ground at the bottom of the movement to recruit your posterior. On the split stance lunges make sure you knee never travels over your front toe. Your flexibility might be the limiting factor on the Cossack squats so go as deep as you can without pain. On the single leg thrusters keep the leg extended as straight as possible throughout the movement. 

Enjoy this circuit and your legs will be sore the next day with a workout you can do at home.

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Want to know more about what Pat's Gym offers?