Nothing like KB/DB for a total body workout!

Here are 5 Single Kettlebell/Dumbbell Movements for a total body workout. Minimalist training is here to stay. Whether it is just for a portion of your workout, or how you choose to train all the time, having a way to use a single tool for a wide range of training methods is valuable. 

You can accomplish a total body workout with a single weight. Single arm movements are a great way to work stabilization and recruit the core.  

The deciding factor on the weight in the complex will be the bent press.  If you have a light weight bump up the reps and if you have a heavy weight stick with 1 rep of each before switching sides. I recommend starting with your non-dominant arm first. Give this complex a try and let me know how it goes.  

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Want to know more about what Pat's Gym offers?