Nutrition – don’t over think…..and don’t judge.

I am always saying that knowledge is your friend especially when it comes to nutrition and working out. However, I realize that knowledge can be intimidating because what we know is always changing with the latest studies. Also, always trying to find the right sources of food can be tiring. But there are some tips that you can serve you well.

I love eating good food. I don’t cook, but Roza does. We love trying out new cuisines and new restaurants. I definitely know what I like, and I know what’s good for me. And my moto is make the best choices I can each and every day.

To enjoy life, but still eat healthy you have to make compromises. Again, try to make the best choices with what’s available. Plan ahead and you will minimize bad choices. Also, you’re going to have to prioritize.

First, I try to focus on buying everything that is from a local source, organic, natural and does not have hormones/antibiotics. When I can’t find food from these sources, I then have to make compromises and I pick wisely. I try to stay away from refined and processed foods and try to stay with fresh foods. Also, I stay away from foods that have pesticides in them or have artificial sweeteners. 

Also, when I am going out to a restaurant, I plan ahead. I look at the menu before I go to the restaurant, so I know what to order. Many websites list the nutritional elements of the food they serve. It’s amazing the diversity of foods a single restaurant will have, and the lack of consistency that exists in food items, even when they are listed on a menu as healthy. Also, even at fast food restaurants you can find foods that are semi-healthy. You don’t have to forego social situations, just plan ahead. 

So, although I have standards, I occasional (very infrequently) violate them. I am very aware of what I put in my body and don’t worry when I eat something bad. Life is too short to be overtly obsessive or anxious. 

However, it’s important to abide by your standards whenever you can. Many people will make excuses for eating bad food, and it starts a downhill slide with compromised choices. Eventually, that downhill slide leads to a bad place. Give yourself freedom to enjoy life, but don’t let it overcome your standards. 

The last piece of advice that I have is when you become knowledgeable about food, you become very aware of what people are eating. The important piece of advice I have is to not judge others. I would try to share your knowledge, but don’t preach. You can do you own thing – eat healthily – and let people ask you why. Then you have an opportunity to educate others. But, by judging and trying to coach others who don’t want it, will further solidify them in their habits/beliefs. 

So, in sum, relax. Be educated, have standards, but don’t let those standards become the foundation for neurosis or more stress. Being knowledgeable should be empowering but shouldn’t get in the way of living a great and exciting life. 

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