October’s Profiled Pat’s Gym Athlete – Read more about Jerrod and be inspired.

Jerrod has always been an athlete. When he was younger, he played sports. Specifically, he played tennis and basketball. However, as he got older, he became more sedentary. Jerrod always wanted to get back into working out and participating in sports. For the past 16 months Jerrod has worked out at Pat’s Gym. Jerrod started with personal coaching and saw the results. Then he became interested in Online Coaching, working with Pat Gilles directly, and he has been doing that for the past few months along with personal coaching. Jerrod continues to see the gains and is excited about where this journey will end (if it does end at any point). 

When Jerrod was in his mid-thirties, he began to see the results of the lack of physical activity.  He also felt the results – a lack of energy. When a co-working mentioned that she and her husband attended classes at Pat’s Gym, Jerrod reached out to Pat and the journey began. 

Personal coaching and Online Coaching have been a great fit for Jerrod. He never felt comfortable at larger, corporate type of gyms. They were too crowded and too big. The personal coaching provided Jerrod with a great fitness base, and Online Coaching has been a game changer. The daily workouts are so varied, and never monotonous. In addition to Online Coaching, Jerrod does a private session each week to do some of the more complex lifts perfectly.

Initially, Jerrod’s goals were to get back in shape and add some muscle, and to lean out. Jerrod also felt he needed something physically challenging in his life. 

After a few months, Jerrod felt that he was learning about fitness, and he wanted to up his game. Jerrod wanted to challenge himself to work out more often, cut fat, and eat healthier. Jerrod is really excited to see improvements every week. 

Jerrod loves Pat’s Gym because it feels like a community. People are really courteous and helpful. Jerrod thinks it is cool to see people across the entire spectrum of athleticism all focused on getting a little bit better every day. 

Jerrod loves Online Coaching because it is unique. Pat isn’t trying to do everything. Jerrod loves the fact that he isn’t paying for things that he’ll never use. Jerrod thinks that Online coaching is so much better than working out on his own. Pat is always coming up with new workouts that are personalized to Jerrod’s goals. This way Jerrod doesn’t have to wander around the gym trying to figure out what to do next. Online Coaching saves time and makes the workouts more efficient. 

Jerrod loves the fact that the athletes are really nice. They are always willing to spot you, if you need it. They are always accommodating to share space or a machine. Jerrod also loves working with Pat. Jerrod is surprised how motivating Pat can be. Pat is very encouraging even when Jerrod can be frustrated or tired from the day. Pat pushes in a very positive way. 

Also, Jerrod loves the fact that he is held accountable with Online Coaching. Online Coaching makes Jerrod more disciplined even when he is not feeling motivated. We will keep you posted on how Jerrod is doing – just check out the Pat’s Gym IG page to see Jerrod’s progress.