October’s Profiled Pat’s Gym Athlete

We’re excited to have Gretchen be part of the Pat’s Gym community. It started more than 7 years ago that Gretchen experienced Pat’s Gym and was hooked. She loves the environment, the passion of the athletes, and the discipline that Pat Gilles brings to training of the athletes. Now as an experienced coach, she brings that passion to training other athletes. The response to her passion and knowledge is something to be experienced. 

Gretchen is an experienced, all-around athlete, who never gives less than her absolute best. From an early age, Gretchen loved participating in all sports, including track and field, basketball, softball, and tennis. An early shoulder injury and knee injury introduced her to strength training and conditioning which sparked a life-long interest.
After a 19-year Engineering career, Gretchen began to pursue her true passion in fitness, and strength and conditioning, with the goal of making a positive impact in the fitness journey of others. Due to Gretchen’s passion, she wanted to become certified in coaching and wanted to pursue a career in personal coaching. 

Over the past 7 years, Gretchen has trained with Pat Gilles in personal sessions, classes and through Online Coaching. Gretchen has experienced the results of the Pat’s Gym 4 Pillars of fitness. Come in and live meet Gretchen and take a few private sessions with Gretchen and experience her unique way of training.

For more information about Gretchen, check out the Coaches page of the Pat’s Gym website.