Pat’s Gym Athlete of the Month – March 2020

Rob Wood has been working with Pat Gilles for the past 9 months, and with his consistent and hard work, has improved his health/fitness level and has achieved his goals. 

Rob did his research before deciding who to work with. Rob found Pat on Instagram through shared contacts. Rob wanted to improve his strength, but laziness got in the way as it masqueraded as wanting a practical approach to more than just strength training. Rob is glad he contacted Pat, and has been with Online Coaching for 9 months now. 

As a child, Rob didn’t find athletics to be motivating. It wasn’t until he was 26 that he decided to focus on improving his physical fitness. It was when he turned 26 that Rob joined a CrossFit gym and that seemed to do the trick. However, Rob needed an additional goal. At that point he decided to add in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu into the gym. At this point, Rob found a real world application for lifting weights. How Rob competes on a regional level, and is hoping to compete nationally this year. 

Now that Rob is in great shape, he loves to get outside of Washington – there are endless supplies of trails, and nature therapies is the best way to reset and get his mind right for the week ahead. In addition, to staying fit for his hikes and his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Rob wants to be walking around in his 70’s and 80’s without assistance, being pain free and having freedom of movement. 

Rob loves working with Pat Gilles through Online Coaching because it’s easy, but yet effective. Rob loves the fact that he doesn’t have to think about what he needs to be doing; all Rob has to do is show up and feel the benefits of the well thought out workouts. Also, Rob loves the fact that he is now working on pats of his body that he would normally ignore if he would be writing his own programs. So now, Rob loves focusing on his weaknesses, that he might otherwise ignore. He loves the fact that by focusing on his weakness, he is overcoming those weaknesses and becoming more fit. 

Rob loves working with Pat Gilles through Online Coaching because it is a personalized service focused on his strengths, weaknesses and goals. Rob has done more generic plans where everyone gets the same fitness plan, but they are too generic to be effective. With Online Coaching with Pat Gilles, you don’t get the generic plan. You get a well thought out program, that is focused on specific goals, and it is a great high touch service based upon what Rob is feeling after every workout session. It’s a great high touch and personalized service. 

Rob has been inured to his sport – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Pat has worked with Rob, based upon the feedback Rob has given Pat, so that Rob can work around his issues. In fact, even with his injuries, Pat has worked around the issues, so that Rob would not lose ground and could recover faster. 

Online Coaching has positively impacted Rob’s life. Rob has felt great, and is in a better position to compete. Rob has felt the endurance and strength gains too. Rob feels that he has more strength and endurance to wear out his opponent while he feels fresh. Also, Rob has felt the benefits on his long backpacking trips, that go deep into the mountains – Rob can carry his own pack easily going up in the mountains, and coming back down.