Pat’s Gym Monthly Challenges

Each Month at Pat’s Gym we have a Monthly Challenge which helps our athletes identify weaknesses and is a great way for our athletes to compete against one another. November’s Monthly Challenge will test your mental toughness. October’s Monthly Challenge was more physical than mental and exposed weaknesses and imbalances.

The November Monthly Challenge – Each year, Pat’s Gym participates in the Concept2 World Competition SkiErg for the 1000m race for the best time. In the past, Pat’s Gym has had our athletes place as winners of this competition. This year, with our focus on aerobic capacity, and mental toughness, I am confident that our athletes will place well in this competition again. By “placing,” I mean our athletes have held the Concept2 Ski Sprints World title. That’s quite an accomplishment and we’re so proud of them. I highly recommend that you give the SkiErg Competition a try. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when the pressure is on, and you put your mind to it.

October Monthly Challenge – This challenge was tough, but a lot of fun. It wasn’t as easy as it looked, but we had a lot of athletes competing to be the winner. The challenge consisted of various exercises that taxed numerous parts of the body and exposed a lot of weaknesses and imbalances. The workout consists of the following:

Max reps in 10mins of a plate complex
Squat to press
Ground to Overhead
Overhead Squats
Front Squat
Burpee onto plate
Start at 1 of each, then 2, then 3, etc.
Plates – Females use 25# plate, Males use 45# plate

The winners of the September Monthly Challenge were Patrick H for men with a score of 211 and Gretchen for women with a score of 236. Please join me in congratulating these stellar athletes.