Recovery Workouts – are not usually easy workouts!

Most athletes give short shrift to recovery workouts; however, they are critical. I had just come off of two really hard consecutive days of workouts, and I needed some good blood flow. This workout hit the spot.

This was a group workout with five people. Consequently, there was a ton of rest.
With this workout, I added in the sled because it is a great way to load the lower body in a safe way. In addition, with the sled, there was not an eccentric movement I would not get sore from it.
Prior to this workout, my low back was tight from the SkiErg which is a ton of flexion. Therefore, so I added in some stiff leg deadlifts to dynamically stretch and strengthen the hamstrings. Also, I needed some extension work.
The lesson here is no matter how sore you are, there is some type of recovery workout or movement will help you feel better the next day. Listen to your body, and provide what it needs.

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