Seminar I am excited to be part of a seminar put on by Scott Lamps and Ida Pajunen. It’s a yoga seminar, and I’ll be talking about functional movements and strength, especially, focusing on how to avoid imbalances with yoga. With yoga, it’s a great way to remain flexible, but it focuses a lot on pushing, but doesn’t really focus on pulling. This can lead to imbalances. Specifically, I will be talking about how the body works, what the big muscle groups do, and how you need to train the smaller muscles too. I will also add in a bit about mental toughness, and how that will help with dealing with stress. 

Also, I will be talking about nutrition and how to keep it simple. I will briefly address macros, and micros, but really focus on eating with a purpose. Eating for your workouts, that will vary with energy systems, and how to eat for recovery. 

Ida and Scott always put on a great seminar, so plan on attending. You can reach Scott at and Ida at