SkiErg – we can always work on our technique.

Today, I wanted some volume on the SkiErg while focusing on some stroke play, rates, and heart rate. Besides the volume, I wanted to play around with the drag factor and rate. For the 2000m, sections I kept the DF around 140. For the 3000m sections, I kept the DF around 175. By bumping up the DF on the longer pieces I could keep the pressure lighter with faster pulls. I also had to keep the strokes shorter which meant that my body position was taller on the starting position and finish. I didn’t worry as much about my pace because I wanted to focus on body awareness. I ended with a 1:55/500 avg, which I am fine with.  

This was a great learning experience. These pieces/workouts are great for learning what works and what doesn’t.  I recommend adding them into your program to find out how to become more efficient on the SkiErg. If you want some fun ideas that work, DM me….

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