Something to help in this stressful time

On one to two days a week I make a point clear my mind and do something that helps my body feel better. I focus on blood Flow and Active and Passive Stretching. This combination helps to reduce my recovery time, destress, and lighten my mood. It doesn’t require a huge investment of time and can have great effects.

It can be tough to stop and take care of yourself sometimes. But preserving 30mins to do this could make you feel so much better and you will feel much more prepared to get back into your routines.

When doing the easy cardio portion make sure you keep it as light and easy as possible. On the movements above explore and hunt for positions that are tight. When you find a tight spot stay on that longer and try to slowly get it to relax. All of these movements make sure you transition slowly between sides and rotate your torso different ways on each side to find your trouble areas.

This type of workout can not only be amazing on your body but help settle your mind as well. Try this work out and see what it does for you….⠀⠀⠀