Strength/Power Workout

The day I did this workout, was a great day for a solid strength, power, and posterior chain health day. It’s amazing how the box height changes box squats dramatically. It’s important to always change things up (bar position, different bars, feet stance, front vs back, box height, etc) when doing squats to continue to grow and improve.
After doing the squats and bike sprints, I really wanted to focus on posterior health. I therefore did good mornings. Good mornings are a crucial part of my training, and I use the good mornings as a main movement or in this case as a repetition method. The band really helps the athlete who has a weak lockout position.
I ended this workout with some walking planks, using heavy KB during farmer carries. The grip in for this part of the workouts was the limiting factor. I cooled down with TRE and massage with the Theragun.

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