Switch up how you work your back with these functional back variations 

There are three simple says to vary your back training – do it with pull ups.  There is a unilateral bias, but even with two arm pull exercises like pull-ups you can make them unilaterally biased by pulling more to one side.  The more advanced version of this would be an Archer Pull Up. But you can perform less demanding single-arm bias pull-ups by just pulling up to one side at a time.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 

Grip is important; our grip is the anchor point for all pull up variations. If we alter that grip it will change the way our upper body flexor chain is stimulated. Not just pronated vs supinated, but also consider holding implements like ropes, towels, and other gripping implements. 

Time under tension is important; mix it up between moving fast and slow. Fast contractions have a different impact and stimulus than slow contractions. Consider changing this up from week to week. Slow usually precedes fast.  Start with higher time under tension and in subsequent weeks go faster with higher loads. Try mixing these variations in to really get your as functional as possible. 

Here is a great workout to consider:

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