Taking your Handstand push-ups to the next level 

If you want to take your Handstand Push Ups (HSPUs) to the next level or improve on them, you need to add supplemental work. These exercises are terrific supplemental drills that will work different parts of the HSPU and the strength requirements for the movement. Over the years I have broken down the movements into parts. By doing that I was able to deconstruct what we are trying to build, and then focus on aspects of the movement that will enhance the entire aspect.

Bottoms-Up KB 90/90 Rack Holds really help to develop a very good base position for when you get inverted and hit the tripod position with very stable shoulders. KB alternating Z Press works the hollow body unilateral pressing strength to help achieve better scapular balance and positional strength. These exercises are also great for your hips and takes away any momentum for pressing. 

Headstand balance is a great drill to teach the proper position of your anterior and posterior core. Deficit pike push-ups work end ranges of motion in the vertical closed chain pressing position and get in some volume work without adding too much load and intensity. Tripod stability work is a perfect drill for creating body awareness upside down and for enhancing the tripod stability for the HSPU. Your head should rest on the floor with hands on parallettes or heavy KBs.

Deficit negative HSPU will strengthen the muscles needed to achieve a goal while letting you go through the movement focusing on the eccentric phases. Give these exercises a try and go slow with perfect form on them. Here is a workout putting these movements together….

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