The May Monthly Challenge

The May Monthly Challenge – This monthly challenge is short – only 20 minutes — but will definitely test your efficiency. It is focused on strength endurance, but it is not as tough as it sounds. This is another challenge that you want to do early in the month, mid-month, and then later in the month. You will definitely see how much your mind impacts your performance.  

May Monthly Challenge 

  • 4min AMRAP
  • 20/15 calories machineBikeErg + 15x burpee
  • Max reps on double unders or lateral bar hops for those that haven’t developed the skill of double unders. 
  • Rest 1:1 (4min)
  • 3 rounds 
  • Your score is the average number of jumps across all sets

The April Monthly Challenge – This monthly challenge was short, and definitely tested mental toughness. It was focused on strength endurance. It exposed a lot and tested mental toughness. 

The Challenge was:

  • Max bar hold for time – Males #45 barbell, Females 33# barbell
  • Arms needed to be fully extended and at shoulder height
  • The bar must have rested on your forearm of your elbow crease or right in front of your elbow crease

The winners of the Pat’s Gym April Monthly Challenge are Erick S with a time of 2:30, and Kristen F with a time of 2:08. Great job!