The April Monthly Challenge

april monthly challenge 2019april monthly challenge 2019a

The April Monthly Challenge – This monthly challenge is short, but will definitely test your mental toughness. It is focused on strength endurance but is tougher than it sounds. It will expose a lot and test you mentally. Try it and see what you can do. This is another challenge that you want to do early in the month, mid-month, and then later in the month. You will definitely see how much your mind impacts your performance.  

The Challenge is:

  • Max bar hold for time – Males #45 barbell, Females 33# barbell
  • Arms need to be fully extended and at shoulder height
  • The bar must rest on your forearm of your elbow crease or right in front of your elbow crease

Have fun with this Monthly Challenge – it is tougher than it looks!

The March Monthly Challenge – The March Monthly Challenge was short but seemed like it took forever. It helped expose weaknesses, including mental weaknesses. It involved a power movement which intimidated many. We had great participation.  The challenge was:

  • 50 box jumps for time 24/20” Male/Female 
  • Athletes had to get full extension at the top position
  • Athletes could step down or jump down. 

The winners of the Pat’s Gym April Monthly Challenge are Luke with a time of :58sec, and Katelyn with a time of 1:14. Great job!