The February Monthly Challenge

The February Monthly Challenge – This month is a fun challenge and will test your upper body strength. It may start a new passion, so watch out because you may be hanging a rope under a deck or on a tree to improve; this exercise is infectious.  

The February Monthly Challenge is:

2min rope climbs, max laps. There is a modified version for those who aren’t quite up to touching the top of the rope:

  • 2min Rope climb making sure you follow these rules:
  • You must touch the beam with one hand at the top 
  • You cannot jump down. Show control at the bottom 
  • You can do legless or use your legs
  • You can jump to the rope 
  • Max laps wins in 2 minutes 
  • Modified version (lay on your back and lift yourself up to full extension standing position)

Have fun with this and let’s see what you can do. 

For the March challenge, it will be a fun one that will roll out throughout the month of March. Stay tuned and see what you can accomplish!  

The January Monthly Challenge – The first Monthly Challenge of 2020 had a lot of athletes competing, and we’re proud of the participation and results. It tested cardio capacity, and showed that Pat’s Gym athletes are in great shape. The challenge was:

January Monthly Challenge 2020 


20x 20sec bike 20sec rest

Max calories wins 

Damper has to be on 10 

You have to be standing for the 20secs when you are biking

The winners of the Pat’s Gym January Monthly Challenge are Alan with max calories of 202, and Katie Hurtis with calories of 176. Great job and what a great way to start 2020 – with a vengeance!