The February Monthly Challenge

The February Monthly Challenge – The February Monthly Challenge is a complex movement, that involves Olympic lifting. Don’t be deterred or intimidated but inspired and feel the challenge. Many athletes feel intimidated with Olympic lifts, with a snatch being the most difficult. This challenge involves the basic movements and does not involve a snatch. The clean is the most basic Olympic lift, with a press and jerk being a close second. Don’t shy away from this challenge, use it to discover movements you need to focus on. Let’s see how fast you can do it!
The February Monthly Challenge is simple, so not understanding it is not an excuse. Try this one, and see what your time is:

  • 30 Clean and Press/Jerk @ 75% BW for time
  • The Barbell must touch the ground each rep 

The January Monthly Challenge – The January Monthly Challenge was short, but fun. It helped our athletes get into 2019 with a bang! It was a lot of fun, and we had great participation. The January 2019 Challenge was: 

  • 10 burpees
  • 8/10 cal ski
  • Score is total calories and total burpees
  • The Challenge continued until an athlete could not complete the amount round of exercises in a minute

The winners of the Pat’s Gym January Monthly Challenge are Patrick H with a score of 115, and Gretchen with a score of 144. Great job!