The January Monthly Challenge

The January Monthly Challenge will help you start the New Year with a bang! It’s not too tough, but it will definitely have our athletes competing. Also, we recommend that you do it at the first of the year, the middle of the year, and the end of the year. See how you’re improving. It’s a great challenge to see it!

The January 2019 Challenge is:

EMOM Complete:
10 burpees + 8/10 cal ski
The score is total calories and total burpees
Go until you can’t complete the amount in the minute

Try the January Monthly Challenge out early in the month, and towards the end. You will see how you improve.

The December Monthly Challenge – The December 2019 Challenge was a blast; it always helps to put our athletes in a great holiday spirit! The December Monthly Challenge was the 12 Days of Christmas. It consists of the following:

1 DL 95/165
2 Ground to overhead with plate 25/45#
3 Manmakers 2×30/2×20 Dbs
4 KTE or TTH
5 Burpee pull ups
6 Weighted Walking lunges 30/20# (each side)
7 KBS 55/35#
8 Calories bikeerg
9 Burpee box jump over 20”
10 Push ups
11 Weighted deck squats 30/20#
12 Plate push laps in the green room 25# female 45# male

The workout was done just as ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ song is sung.
Every 3mins, the athletes had to stop and do 7/10 calories on the bike (females did 7 calories and men do 10 calories). There was a 60min cap on time. Many of our athletes did this one, with great enthusiasm and great results.

The winners of the Pat’s Gym December Monthly Challenge are Gretchen with a time of 36:00, and Shae with a time of 39:23. Great job!