The June Monthly Challenge

The June Monthly Challenge – This challenge will test your breathing and power endurance. Try it early in the month, mid-month and later in the month. You will definitely see your improvements. This is one where the winner will be unpredictable. Try it and see how you place!

The June Monthly Challenge is:

  • Reps – 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27-30
    • Ski calories
  • KB Wall ball 20# for women/35# for men (unbroken) 
  • The penalty for breaking is 10x burpee pull up before you return to finish the KB wall ball set
  • Fastest time wins

The May Monthly Challenge – The May Monthly Challenge was short – only 12 minutes of work– but it did definitely tested efficiency. It focused on strength/power endurance. That challenge was fun, but intense.  

May Monthly Challenge:

  • 4min AMRAP
  • 20/15 cal machineBikeErg + 15x burpee
  • Max reps on double unders or lateral bar hops for those that haven’t developed the skill of double unders. 
  • Rest 1:1 (4min)
  • 3 rounds 
  • Highest score won which is the average number of jumps across all sets

The winners of the Pat’s Gym June Monthly Challenge are Luke and Kate. Great job!