The March Monthly Challenge

The March Monthly Challenge – March Monthly challenge is the “March Madness” format incorporated into the Pat’s Gym March Monthly Challenge. Each week a new workout will be released, and if you are in the top percentage of the athletes you will move on to participate in the next week. Workouts will be released every Sunday on the Pat’s Gym weekly schedule. The 5th week there will be a final four competing to see who wins the March monthly challenge. 

Workout 1:

9-6-3 RFT (reps for time):

Bikeerg calories 

Burpees jumping to a 45# plate 

Squat press 2×15/30# 

Looks like 9 bikeerg calories, 9 burpee plate jumps, 9 squat press, 6 bikeerg calories, 6 burpees plate jumps, 6 squat press, 3 bikeerg calories, 3 burpees plate jumps, 3 squat press

See if you time lets you advance to the next week. 

Stay tuned for future weekly challenges, and let’s see who wins! It will be fun, and let the most passionate person win!  

February’s Monthly Challenge – Last month’s monthly challenge was fun and definitely tested the upper body strength. The February Monthly Challenge was:

2min rope climbs max laps. 

  • 2min Rope climb making sure that the athletes followed these rules: 
  • touch the beam with one hand at the top 
  • no jumping down. Slow control at the bottom 
  • athletes could do do legless or use their legs
  • athletes could jump to the rope 
  • Max laps wins in 2 minutes  

The winners of the Pat’s Gym February Monthly Challenge are Katie for 6 rope climbs for women and we have a tie for men Chris and Logan for 8 rope climbs. Great showing, and great participation by all athletes who competed in this challenge.