There is nothing like overhead work, but many athletes avoid it….

If you want to get better at overall fitness and prevent injuries, you need to work on your overhead stability. Overhead stability is a combination of building great scapular strength, endurance, and shoulder mobility and position. The movements in this workout tackle those areas in different ways; these movements have been some of my go-to movements for overhead stability and strength for some time. 

This workout includes the following:

  • Dynamic Load Overhead Carry – The dynamic load will make those scapula’s have to stabilize more than just a traditional overhead carry
  • Wall Facing Shoulder Taps – A terrific closed chain isometric lead into handstand walking. Keep your core tight and push through the ground with your hands 
  • Feet on Box Deficit HSPU – I love this as a way to build a strong overhead position with a closed chain approach. Use plates or bars.
  • Half Kneeling Bottom Up Press – great for coordinating grip strength and shoulder stability.
  • I like to use this circuit for a warm up or cool down on days when I focus more on my upper body.

I hope you enjoy this workout, and definitely experiment with the reps and loads to make it work for you. Let me know what you think.  

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