Try these movements, and see how it goes.

I love mixing up my workouts. I like simple moves to get you more explosive. Squats and deadlifts are excellent movements for strength but not power. Olympic lifts such as snatches and cleans help with power, but if you don’t jump or move at your top speed you will not develop the full spectrum of athletic traits. Applying these simple plyometric movements into your training program will take your explosive training to the next level.

Each of these movements have progression and the key to them is max exertion and force. I put five sets but if your power starts to drop off stop the movement. With depth jumps you will fall off a box and as you hit the ground the goal is to leave the ground as fast as possible with both feet jumping to another box. The higher the box the more intense it is. With alternating box jumps have one foot on the box and one foot on the ground. Just like a split lunge spring off of both feet for maximal possible height. The box height determines how hard or easy the movement is. 

Side slams are for upper body and core explosiveness. It is just like a MB slam, but you will go from your side over your head. Knee jumps teach you to engage your hips and drive from the ground. If possible, add weight by putting a bar on your shoulders.

Make sure you take full rest between each movement (around 2mins).Enjoy and you will reap the benefits of your true athletic functional potential. Try this and let me know what you think.

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