Two Spring Specials to Get You and Your Friends in Shape

Two Spring Specials to Get You and Your Friends in Shape – With summer quickly approaching, you want to make sure you get in “tip top” shape for those summer sports and activities. Regardless if it is having the physical stamina or power needed for that yard work that is waiting for you, you want to perform that work safely. If you want to focus on running, hiking, swimming, water sports or another physically demanding activity, then you need to start working on building that base that will help you enjoy those activities safely. 

At Pat’s Gym we’re here to support you. If you sign up for classes for 6 months, you will get a special rate to help keep you healthy. An added benefit we throw in for free, are the great athletes who will help support you on your journey. For those who travel in packs, we have specials for small group classes – with increased discounts – the bigger the package the better the discount. You need to use these packages no later than the end of September. This is a great way to help you survive this summer with a smile on your face.