Want great legs? Workout with a science-based plan.

People generally go for strength, especially, where legs are concerned but defnitey don’t forget structural workouts. This workout is a great functional workout for the quads. It allows you to get maximal contraction in the body part you are training.  

If you want to develop your legs aesthetically and get more size and vascularity, then you better be doing movements that build strong contractions in the legs. A great way to accomplish this is through giant sets that hit similar body parts all at once. It forces the muscle to contract and overfire producing a pump that you won’t forget anytime soon.  

Some of these movements might be new for you so take your time focusing on full range of motion before you add heavy loads.  Give this workout at try and check out online coaching with Pat Gilles to get specific workouts like this tailored to you. 

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Want to know more about what Pat's Gym offers?