Whole grains continue to inspire….

I’ve always said to stay away from refined food, and always go for whole grains; the fiber in those foods is really good for you. Now there are more recent studies which show that dietary fiber is good for your health. 

One of these studies found that a diet that is high in fiber can significantly reduce premature death. The other study showed that it had a positive impact on those individuals living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. This second study showed that blood glucose levels, cholesterol levels and reductions in bodyweight were vastly improved. The researchers of both of these studies were surprised at the significant improvement in health.

Therefore, definitely instead of going for the chips when you’re hungry, try more whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and whole fruit. I find, as I wrote earlier this month, spice up your life. Push your limits and see what you find that is new. You might enjoy it. 

Definitely stay away from refined foods though. No white flour, regardless if it’s enriched or not, or white rice. Try non-gluten flours that are whole grain. Also, try brown rice; I like the nutty flavor and the fact that it has more nutrients. Also, stay away from refined whole grains as it most likely does have a negative impact of health benefits. 

So next time you are making eating selections, whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, go heavy on the fiber and whole grains instead of the other options I mentioned above. I love whole grains because they make me feel full and satisfied. Hopefully this post helps you be conscious of eating healthy foods and will help you change bad habits.