Workout at home

Even with what’s going on, there is no excuse for missing a workout. In fact, missing a workout will only add to the stress, and you’re missing out on something that will help your immune system. You can do this outside, in your house; really, you can do it anywhere. 

Make a grid of 30 boxes (6 rows and 5 columns) and fill it out throughout the day, choosing any of the four-exercises listed below —  be bold and mix and match, or burn out your muscles and stick with one exercise. Spread out the 30 boxes throughout the day – so for example, do an exercise every 15-20 minutes. Fill in the box with how many reps you did (e.g., 20 squats, or 10 push-ups). Each time aim for between 5 to 30 reps. Try to fill all boxes up for the day. You should be done in about 7.5 hours. You will be surprised at how many you do. If you just did 10 push-ups at a time, you will do 300 in a day. If you do that three days a week, that’s 46,800 push-ups a year. The little things make a difference.

1stexercise: push ups 

2ndexercise: lunges

3rdexercise: burpess or bench dips

4thexercise: atomic sit ups