February is a time to look forward to spring and summer goals and get after it! Don’t delay too much longer or you will be playing catch up. Check out what we have going on in February and be inspired to workout.

What Pat’s Gym Offers  

Personal training – Sit down with a coach that fits your schedule and let them create a tailored plan for working out, nutrition, recovery, and stress management for you. If you train three times a week you get a key for the gym for 24-hour access. Having someone in front of you, correcting your form, and being there for your ups and downs will help motivate you. The Pat’s Gym’s accountability and environment have been proven to help reach the fitness goals of all endeavors. 

Online coaching – No matter where you train, having a specific tailored workout plan created for you will help. You can use your bodyweight, odd objects, minimal equipment at your house, any gym you belong too, or come into Pat’s gym. Programs are created a week at a time on an interactive website because life is adaptable, so your workouts need to be as well. You will give your coach feedback every day about what is working and what isn’t. Stop guessing what to eat and how to work out. Let us help you start today. 

Classes/FYF – If you need or want that group environment, 6 am M-T-Th and Friday 6 am & 5 pm FYF classes are for you. Enjoy a great motivating workout at Pat’s Gym with people of similar values and beliefs. Mark your calendars and set the tone for your week or start your weekend off the right way with a fun challenging workout.

Corporate training — Bring your team into the gym and build camaraderie or set up online training so your employees can see the benefits of staying healthy anywhere. 

Contact Pat today to see what option is right for you.

CrossFit Competition  

Congratulations Coach Ross for placing first at the B3 CrossFit competition. 100 participants signed up to compete in a 1-day event. Coach Ross won two events and showed some impressive results with an overall win. We also had training partner Chris take third overall. This is a great way to head into the open and we look forward to seeing what 2024 has in store for these great athletes.  

The February Monthly Challenge 

The February Monthly Challenge is a fun AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). Try this one, and see how many reps you can get:

9:00min AMRAP 

3 sets:

:60 American (over head) KB swings 55/35

:30 rest

:60 V-ups 

:30 rest

Score is total reps added together 

The winners of the Pat’s Gym January Monthly Challenge are Kelly and Kenny. Great job!