January Newsletter 2024

January is always a great month. It’s the month for new beginnings. It’s a time to reflect upon the past year, and what you want to achieve in the upcoming year. It’s a time to commit to something and to set a course of action to achieve it. If done correctly, the journey to achieving your goals is very empowering and motivating. So, remember, it’s not too late to set a goal and be determined to achieve it. Be optimistic, inspired, and motivated! You can be what you want, so keep the faith and stay focused.

Make Pat’s Gym part of your 2024 fitness routine. We can help you with your fitness, nutrition, stress management, and recovery goals. Let’s make 2024 count!

An Exciting Start to 2024 Get Cut Program  

It’s never too early to begin your journey of success in 2024. The Get Cut Program is proven to be successful. Pat’s Gym will be offering the Get Cut program which is one of our most popular offerings because of its results. It’s a very effective way to motivate yourself, see incredible results, in only 35 days. The program includes workouts, a nutrition schedule, and is a great way to be inspired by other athletes. Hop on board and see the results in the new year!

Super Special from our neighbors at Jacknife
Crush your workout, then crush Jacknife sushi rolls and bowls. Show your post gym selfie from Pat’s Gym and receive 50% off your order at Jacknife from January 1st through January 7th.

All you need to do is a workout at Pat’s Gym, take a selfie, and bring your appetite to Jacknife for great food. Start your year fueling like a champion.  

Watch the executive Chef Sal at Jacknife walking Pat through making his favorite bowl here

The Pat’s Gym Monthly Challenge will help you start the New Year with a bang! 

The January 2023 Monthly Challenge is: 

300 calories air bike for time 

Every 2mins do 1x burpee step up over 40/48” 

  • 1 rep every 2mins

30:00 time cap 

The winners of the Pat’s Gym December Monthly Challenge were Patrick with a time of 39:55min, and Gretchen with a time of 43:34 min. Great job!