Heading into the Holiday season it is important to establish consistency with working out and nutrition. Does it mean hitting the gym 5+ times a week, working with a coach 3+ times per week, setting up a nutrition plan, or working directly with the Pat’s Gym interactive website through Online Coaching. It all works, but depends upon whether you like working with others, with a coach or with a specific program in a very personalized way. We have something that will work for you and set you up for success. 

Black Friday Community Workout  

Don’t fret about staying in shape over the holidays with what Pat’s Gym has to offer you. At 9:00 a.m., on November 24 – Black Friday – Pat & Roza Gilles will be leading a group of passionate athletes through a great post-Thanksgiving workout. This Pat’s Gym Community Event will be great to “shake out the cobwebs” and get you ready for the Thanksgiving weekend. The past Pat’s Gym Community Event workouts have been well attended, and this one has historically been well attended. Pat’s Gym always has a unique way of motivating you during the workout, so that you don’t realize how tough the workout is. Your body will thank you for it later. Also, it’s a great way to set you up for success for a healthy December, and an even healthier 2023. DM/email us to reserve a limited spot and feel free to bring your friends and family. 


The 5th annual Rogue Invitational was held in the greater Austin, Texas area at Dell Diamond, with three days of competition. The CrossFit portion of the weekend featured many of the biggest names in the sport, including Pat’s Gym very own Roman Khrennikov. Roza translated for Roman all week and has some amazing behind the scenes stories next time you see her in person. Coming off an injury, it was a huge success finding his way on the podium and taking 3rd place overall. We are very proud of Roman’s performance and excited to see him build off of this one for his next competition. 

November Monthly Challenge 

The November Monthly Challenge – Each year, Pat’s Gym participates in the Concept2 World Competition SkiErg for the 1000m race for the best time. In the past, Pat’s Gym has had our athletes place as winners of this competition. With our focus on aerobic capacity, and mental toughness, I am confident that our athletes will place well in this competition again. By “placing,” I mean our athletes have held the Concept2 Ski Sprints World title. That’s quite an accomplishment and we’re so proud of them. I highly recommend that you give the SkiErg Competition a try. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish, when the pressure is on, and you put your mind to it.  

Ski 1000m For Time