September Newsletter 

Fall is always an exciting time at Pat’s Gym. We had great success at the CrossFit Games. We’re focusing on having new equipment and incorporating those tools into classes, private personal coaching, and Online Coaching. Also, the cooler temperatures mean we must hit the workouts harder to stay warm and keep pushing forward. Set your goals, have focus, and stay consistent! 

Roman Khrennikov Finishes Third at CrossFit Games Despite Injuring His Foot

Roman led the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games at times during the four-day event—but an injury sustained on the final day of competition put not only his championship hopes in question, but his ability to finish the last stages at all.

After competing in Test 10, Muscle Up Logs Roman told Roza he broke his foot. After being seen by medical personnel, Khrennikov continued to compete through the two remaining tests to finish the Games and finished the Games in third place. It was extremely emotional but the willpower he had to finish the games was a testament to what kind of person he is. 

This is only Khrennikov’s second year competing in person at the sport’s highest level. In his debut in-person performance at the 2022 Games, he finished second, cementing him as one of this year’s favorites to win it all. We are proud to call him a part of the Pat’s Gym family and already focused on healing his foot to come back even stronger next year. 

There is more fun in the Gym 

Come see what it’s all about – At Pat’s Gym, we have added new equipment. We’ve added a new rig, rogue plates, and specialty equipment you have never tried before. At Pat’s Gym, it’s all about our athletes, keeping the workouts challenging and fresh, and making sure that injuries aren’t a common occurrence.

September Monthly Challenge  

September Monthly Challenge  

10-1 drag rope double unders 
3 burpee jumps over the rope between each rung 

Modified version: 
10-1 single drag rope jumps
10 jumps over the rope on the ground between each rung 

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