July Monthly Newsletter

So far it’s been a busy summer at Pat’s Gym. We’ve had a lot of athletes – new and familiar ones — coming into the gym to workout. We started out the summer with a workout in James Madison Park, and are planning an exciting workout in Breeze Stadium. Also, we have plans for fall and winter, so you don’t want to miss out. Read more about these exciting activities, and be prepared to be in the best shape of your life….

A Healthy Pat Gilles Get Away – Pat Gilles is planning a healthy get away next February, 2019, where a group of Pat’s Gym athletes, will get away to a tropic destination. The goal of this tropical Get Away Destination Vacation is to have a blast with other fun Pat’s Gym athletes, stay in shape, and learn a bit more about fitness and to discuss strategies to excel in the Pat Gilles and Pat’s Gym type workouts. The dates are February 14-18th. So far about 17 athletes have indicated their interest in such an event, and half of those have placed a deposit to reserve their spot. You definitely will have a lot of free time to catch up on books or movies or you can explore around the tropical destination. There is great shopping in San Juan, and great hiking in the tropical Hugo forest. If you’re interested, contact Pat Gilles at for more information, and to indicate your interest in going. There will be a limited number of spots so you need to act quickly.

Workout at Breeze Stadium for a Great Cause with Pat Gilles – Pat Gilles, Alliant Energy, Findorff, Lululemon, Heritage Tavern, MG&E, and Metcalfe’s are all putting on a group workout at Breeze Stadium where all donations will be provided to a local worthy charity. The Workout Anywhere/Anytime will take place at Breeze Stadium on July 21 at 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. Come ready to win prizes provided by local businesses, and to get in a great sweat for local charities including Centro Hispano and Urban League. We will be bringing in kids supported by local charities to show them that they can stay fit during the summer without having to have a membership to a local gym. It’s a great way to support local charities, and to have fun.




Athlete of the Month – Jeff and Katelyn are dedicated athletes focused on living healthy lifestyles. They started working out at Pat’s Gym about 3 years ago, and started Online Coaching with Pat Gilles about 2 years ago. Online Coaching is a great way for them to train because of their crazy-busy lives.

Jeff and Katelyn have incorporated fitness into their life style. Each Tuesday night, they have date night that involves a great workout at Pat’s Gym, followed by a dinner with fellow Pat’s Gym athletes. They also workout together on weekends with Pat Gilles designed partner workouts. Their mutual dedication for fitness serves as a great role model for their girls, and has helped solidify their already strong relationship.

Jeff and Katelyn have achieved their goals with Pat Gilles, but continue to focus on getting better, faster, and stronger. They have prioritized fitness in their lives, and don’t regret a moment of it. They love the flexibility of Online Coaching, and how it is tailored to their goals and lifestyle. When life gets too complex, they can just text Pat for a modified workout for that day, and it is done. They love the accountability of Online Coaching, and are living the results. Read more about them on the testimonial page of the Pat’s Gym website…..

Each Month at Pat’s Gym we have a Monthly Challenge which helps our athletes identify weaknesses and is a great way for our athletes to compete against one another. July’s Monthly Challenge is a fun one, and will take less than 20mins.

July Monthly Challenge – The July Monthly Challenge, and will involve strength and endurance testing. It won’t be too long, but will require focus on being efficient. It’s a great way to learn how to control your breathing, as your muscles are also being taxed. Don’t be afraid, and it will definitely show you areas for improvement.

5 Goblet squats
10 KBS (KB swings) – 35# for women and 50# for men
10/15 calories of choice on concept2 machine
You have 60sec after to perform max reps of push press 2×15/30# (need to get full extension on both ends)
Fastest time wins!
*Each round you need to add 5 reps and 5 calories until you complete 250 reps of push press
*Next round looks like this:
10 Goblet squats
15 KBS
15/20 calories of choice on concept2 machine

· June Monthly Challenge – The June Monthly Challenge, as expected, did test our athlete’s power and mental toughness. It did require efficiency and breathing control.

o 1-4min ladder burpee box jumps 20” box for women and a 24” box for men – the highest score wins and is based upon the total number of burpee box jumps you can do in the allotted time:

§ 30sec off between sets of the ladder
§ Looks like this:
§ 1min max burpee box jumps (need to get full extension at the top landing, standing up, or coming down)
§ 30sec rest
§ 2min max burpee box jumps
§ 30sec rest
§ 3min max burpee box jumps
§ 30sec rest
§ 4min max burpee box jumps

The winners of the June Monthly Challenge were Cody with a score of 126 for men, and Gretchen with a score of 140 for women. Please join me in congratulating these stellar athletes.