November Newsletter

zl-bt9o7837adsc06843Pat Gilles speaks up

Pat Gilles is continuing speaking at various events. Since the last newsletter, Pat spoke at a seminar at Trek about how cyclists could stay in shape during the off-race season. Pat also had his second seminar last night (November 3) about recovery and how athletes don’t do enough recovery to make the gains they should be achieving. Lastly, Pat will be speaking at another seminar in December at Trek which is aimed at how triathletes can correct imbalances while adding strength during their off season, and have a great foundation when the racing season start. Stay tuned for more details on the Trek triathlon seminar.





Lululemon/Pat’s Gym Event – It’s not too late to attend this event tonight from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. at Pat’s Gym. Come join the fun, check out Lululemon’s new fall/winter clothes, and meet new people. If you’re up for it, you can get in a quick workout. Also, Lululemon and Pat’s Gym will be giving away many free-bee’s. This is one event you don’t want to miss. Bring a friend and share the fun…




Holiday Events – Over the holidays, Pat’s Gym has a lot of fun events planned. Details will be provided in our weekly emails, but this is just a start of those events:
Holiday Food/Coat Drive Pat’s Gym will help needy families in the area by collecting food/clothing for families.
Black Friday – Buy your family and friends discounted training packages of 3 or 5 sessions for athletes who are currently not taking advantage of private coaching sessions at Pat’s Gym.
Workouts on Black Friday, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve – If you are planning eating a bunch on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, then plan on working out. If there is sufficient demand, we may even offer classes on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.
Small Group Workouts discounted for friends and families – If you have friends or family coming into town, and you want to show them why you are so into working out at Pat’s Gym, buy a small group coaching session at a discounted rate during the holidays. Send an email to for details.
Come 2017, Pat’s Gym will be implementing many exciting changes. Stay tuned for more details……

DSC03451Monthly Challenge – November’s Monthly challenge is the annual SkiErg 1000 meter sprint. Pat’s Gym uses this month to help our athletes compete in the International SkiErg World Sprint. Each year, Concept2 hosts the International World Springs. Gyms world-wide participate in this event by having its members join in the 1000 meter SkiErg sprint between November 11 – 13. In the past, we have had members of our gym win in their age group. This year I have been training many of the Online Coaching athletes to be prepared to participate in this event. I encourage our members to participate in the November Challenge. Your results will show you weaknesses that you can focus on improving on the SkiErg. Come and have fun, and let’s see how many of our athletes will win their age group.

I also want to congratulate our winners of the October Monthly Challenge. The winners are Coach Bryan Rosen and one of our star female athletes, Gretchen. This month we institute a new process where the top two athletes in the female and male category, would face-off the last few days of the month. We recorded the face-off challenge and boy was it fun. There were about 30 athletes cheering the females and male finalists in the face-off. Congratulations to these two new hoodie winners. If you recall the October Challenge involved the following:

KB swing               20     15   10      5
Goblet squat           15    20     5     10
Push up                 10      5    20    15
Burpee pull up         5     10   15    20

dsc05944Another Great Coach – Mario Sanchez joined Pat’s Gym on November 1. Mario has been helping athletes achieve their goals for many years now. He is a very experienced coach who is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a personal trainer. In addition, Mario is a competitive third degree black belt in martial arts. Mario has placed in the top 3 nationally in various martial competitions. Mario is constantly educating himself on the latest studies to perfect his knowledge so that he can help his clients effectively achieve their goals with the latest information. For fun, Mario is a professional stunt man in many motion pictures, so don’t be surprised if you recognize him from your favorite action movie.