March Newsletter

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 9.07.59 AMMarch is always an exciting time of the year; winter is in the rearview mirror, and spring/summer are before us. Spring is always exciting as it ushers in longer and warmer days, and is a sign of a new beginning. At Pat’s Gym, we have many events that will help you with your new beginning. Read on for more details…..

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 9.00.12 AMPat’s Gym Winter Competition – The Winter Competition was a success! All the athletes that participated had a great time! The gym was filled with inspiration and motivated athletes. There were a few personal records set, and a Concept2 World Record that was set by Alison Prange, on the Concept2 SkiErg achieving 6982m in 30minutes in her age group. Way to go Alison. There was also a great competition among various athletes who participated! Way to go. Stay tuned for more details about the final results. We will be posting more about this event, and future events to come. The feedback has been tremendous, and this will most likely become an annual Pat’s Gym event.


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An Exciting Pat Gilles Educational Seminar – On March 19, 2018, at 5:30 p.m., Pat Gilles will host an educational seminar debunking those myths and fallacies that permeate gyms around the world. Pat will talk about many subjects including endurance workouts and why they are so important, how to lead up to a strength workout, power workouts and the importance of doing them correctly, and breathing to recover. You don’t want to miss out on this. Online Coaching athletes get to attend for free, and all others will pay a $30 drop in fee. The seminar will take place in the conference room at Pat’s Gym.

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Pat’s Gym Athlete of the Month – In honor of all the badass women at Pat’s Gym, we honor you for the month of March – which is Women’s Month worldwide. At Pat’s Gym, we pride ourselves on our elite athletes. Again, “elite” we define to mean those athletes who are physically accomplished, but also those athletes who have tremendous drive and passion for getting better day-by-day. At Pat’s Gym, we love saying that it’s the women who set the bar for all of our athletes including the male athletes. Our female athletes come from various backgrounds – professional and personal. We love the fact that many times the female will beat the men in various challenges. Our women have won various world records on the Concept2 Ergs, and have placed in various biathlons and triathlons worldwide. Our female athletes have competed in various D1 sports, and have taken various gold, silver and bronze medals at the Olympics. We are proud to have these females workout at Pat’s Gym, and we are proud to have them be part of our Community. If you are ever in need of inspiration, look no further than a female athlete at Pat’s Gym. Come join them in setting the highest standard of working out, and more importantly, come join in the fun that we have at Pat’s Gym.

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Pat Gilles’ Birthday Challenge – Pat Gilles’ birthday is in March, and we all want to wish him a Happy Birthday. For Pat Gilles’ birthday challenge, he has assigned himself 100k on the Ski for time. He and Roza will be doing the 100k. Wish him the best! It’s a crazy challenge, but one that only Pat can do. It should take him around 6+ hours to do. Stay tuned for more details.





March Monthly Challenge – This month’s Monthly Challenge will test your overall physical fitness level. It is a test that is used by the Army to determine overall fitness for enlisted personnel. It’s a great way, and a very practical way to test your overall fitness level. Come try it! You should do this one at the beginning of the month, the middle of the month, and the end of the month. It can be used as a longer warm-up for your workout routine.

The March Monthly Challenge is based upon a scoring system designed by the Amy which will be used for all athletes participating. The Challenge consists of the following exercises.

Max push in 2mins
Max sit-ups in 2mins
Max pull-ups
Two-mile run (this is going to be 3,219m ski)

In this Monthly Challenge, the form is important. If you want to read more about this test click here:

February Monthly Challenge – The February Monthly Challenge was very tough, and did show our athletes where they need to focus to enhance their overall functional fitness level. The challenge consisted of the following and was based upon the athlete achieving the shortest time to complete the exercises:

10 Pull ups or bodyweight rows if you can’t do pull ups
20 Walks outs to plank and back up to full extension
30 KB swings 55/35#
40 Feet anchored sit ups
50 Calories Ski
60 Burpees
10 Pull ups or bodyweight rows if you can’t do pull ups
Our winners for the February 2018 Monthly Challenge were Brian Ross for men with a time of 10:32, and Gretchen for women with a time of 10:01