August Newsletter

Pat’s Gym has some very exciting plans for August and beyond. August is an exciting month at Pat’s Gym because we’re winding down the summer, and getting ready for an exciting fall and winter of 2018/19. Read on so that you don’t miss out on these events……

The CrossFit Games – are being hosted in Madison, WI, for the second year in a row. Last year was a great time, and we had fun watching from the Alliant Energy Center. The athletes are inspiring, and the feats that they can perform are unbelievable. You don’t want to miss watching these events to possibly help guide you to your next phase in training. After the games, I had many Online Coaching athletes begin Olympic lifting periodization cycles. If you’re in town, you may want to reach out to me to see if I have spare tickets for sale. If you’re in town, you should come to work out at Pat’s Gym and see who may be working out preparing themselves for events.




November Project – Pat’s Gym Style – On October 6, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. at Pat’s Gym, we will host a November Project workout. It will be exciting to partner with the November Project to expose many of their members to Pat’s Gym and also to help support the important initiative of this free fitness movement. Pat’s Gym stands behind the idea that you need a simple sense of accountability to motivate and encourage people to get out of their beds and get moving. As the November Project advocates “if you think you’re not fit enough to join the group, stop thinking and come to see what the fuss is all about.” Come to make this an event to remember and expose yourself to Pat’s Gym and the November Project. Pat Gilles will be coaching this event



A Healthy Pat Gilles Get Away – Pat Gilles is planning a healthy getaway next February 2019, where a group of Pat’s Gym athletes, will get away to a tropic destination. The goal of this tropical Get Away Destination Vacation is to have a blast with other fun Pat’s Gym athletes, stay in shape, and learn a bit more about fitness and to discuss strategies to excel in the Pat Gilles and Pat’s Gym type workouts. The dates are February 14-18th. So far about 17 athletes have indicated their interest in such an event, and half of those have placed a deposit to reserve their spot. You definitely will have a lot of free time to catch up on books or movies or you can explore the tropical destination. There is great shopping in San Juan and great hiking in the tropical Hugo forest. If you’re interested, contact Pat Gilles at for more information, and to indicate your interest in going. There will be a limited number of spots so you need to act quickly.




Workout at Breeze Stadium for a Great Cause with Pat Gilles – Pat Gilles, Alliant Energy, Findorff, Lululemon and Heritage Tavern all support a group workout at Breeze Stadium where all donations were given to local charities. The Workout Anywhere/Anytime took place at Breeze Stadium on July 21 at 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. There was great fun, an amazing workout, and a lot of really good food. The theme of the event was you don’t need to have an expensive gym membership to stay in shape….you can do it any place.  We applaud the efforts of Centro Hispano and Urban League and are excited that we could support them. Until next year!



Athlete of the Month – Pat’s Gym is excited to announce it’s athlete for August 2018 – Meet Cody Shively. Cody comes to Pat’s Gym as a very accomplished athlete.

Currently, Cody is focused on performing well in triathlons. Cody competes in 3-5 half Ironman races a year. These half Ironman races prepare Cody for the bigger Ironman competitions. Last year, Cody successfully competed in the Ironman – Wisconsin, where he earned a spot to compete in the Ironman-Kona in 2018. Cody is ranked #1 in his age group for triathlons in the United States, and #5 in his age group worldwide.

Cody is a Madison-born and raised athlete. Growing up Cody began to play baseball, hockey, and soccer at an early age. Cody realized that he enjoyed working with other athletes, and always strived to be the best player on all of the teams of which he was a member. Cody has always been interested in improving his athleticism but also was amazed by the team dynamic and how it could help improve individual performance. Cody realized that each team member had a unique skill, that Cody sought to emulate and achieve. Cody realized that he was talented, but he realized that when he put his mind to it and followed through with hard work, Cody could surpass most other athletes. Simply, Cody realized at an early age, that talent is important, but it takes hard work and drives to achieve a sustainable result.

Cody is a coach at Pat’s Gym. Cody enjoys coaching other athletes to reach their inner potential, and to find their passion for improving day-to-day. Cody works with all types of individuals ranging from athletes who want to compete in triathlons, athletes who are rehabilitating from an injury, or those who are just interested in living a great life, being able to perform life’s daily tasks safely, with a great attitude and having a great amount of energy.

Although Cody is an accomplished athlete, he has no attitude and enjoys working with all types of athletes. What motivates Cody is seeing athletes improve day-over-day, and who are dedicated to their fitness journey.


Pat’s Gym Monthly Challenges – Each Month at Pat’s Gym we have a Monthly Challenge which helps our athletes identify weaknesses and is a great way for our athletes to compete against one another. August’s Monthly Challenge is a fun one.

August Monthly Challenge – This challenge will favor no one. It involves strength, endurance, but also has a test for mental toughness. It shouldn’t take too long to complete, and we’re excited to see the shortest time. The challenge is:
12 deadlift
9 power cleans
6 push press
10 rounds
If you let, go of the KBs or BB take a 2min penalty. After the penalty continue on
Use 60% BW with KBs or the bar and get through as many rounds as you can without letting the bar go. Go until you hit 10 total rounds
The athlete with the shortest time wins

July Monthly Challenge – The July Monthly Challenge involved strength and endurance testing. It wasn’t too long, but it required the focus on being efficient. It was a great way to learn how to control your breathing, as your muscles were also being taxed. It definitely uncovered areas for improvement.

The July Monthly Challenge consisted of:

5 Goblet squats
10 KBS – 35# for women and 50# for men
10/15 calories of choice on concept2 machine
60sec after to perform max reps of push press 15/30# (need to get full extension on both ends)
Fastest time won!
*Each round athletes had to add 5 reps and 5 calories until they completed 250 reps of push press
*Next round looked like this:
10 Goblet squats
15 KBS
15/20 calories of choice on concept2 machine

The winners of the July Monthly Challenge were Alison with a time of 12:58 for women, and Luke with a time of 15:50 for men. Please join me in congratulating these stellar athletes.