April Newsletter

The buzz is in the air – it’s the smell and feel of summer. At Pat’s Gym, we’re focused on the warm months yet to come. To truly enjoy the summer, set a fitness goal for yourself. Hitting a mark while running, biking or swimming, or just losing those extra pounds that you put on during the winter months. Make no excuses – it’s all within your control, and we can help you. Reach out to Pat Gilles and see what service that we offer at Pat’s Gym is right for you. Don’t delay, summer will be gone before you know it.  M

Pat’s Gym specials to keep you in top shape during the summer – Stay in shape with others at Pat’s Gym – buy a pack of classes for 9 months to get you through the summer and fall and get a 10% discount on your package. Alternatively, purchase a package of 30-50 private sessions and get a discount off of those rates – the more that you commit, the more that you save. Contact Pat Gilles today at or call him at 608-692-6355. The services contained in the packages need to be used by December 31, 2019, and payment must be received prior to starting the services. Why wait. – start today!

Meet our profiled athlete for April, 2019 – Say hello to Mike. Mike first heard about Pat’s Gym from a neighbor and close friend. Mike tried a workout, and was immediately hooked – it was fun, but tough. From there, it was an easy decision. Mike has been working with Pat Gilles through Online Coaching for about a full year now. 

Sports, nutrition, and physical fitness have always been top priorities for Mike. Through his youth, baseball was a major focus of Mike, along with a strong interest in strength training and injury prevention. Mike picked up rowing and competed for 4 years in the University of Wisconsin Badger varsity program. 

Although, Mike enjoys a community full of motivated individuals, Mike has worked with Pat Gilles through Online Personalized Coaching. Mike’s schedule is very unpredictable which generally requires that that he travel overseas with only a couple of days’ notice. The flexibility of Online Personalized Coaching, along with Pat Gilles’ creativity and responsiveness have made Online Personalized Coaching a perfect fit for Mike’s demanding life. With the unpredictable circumstances of the hotels where Mike is staying – some of with gyms and others with one squat machine in a small hotel room – Pat Gilles always comes up with a challenging workout. 

Mike’s goals have changed from a focus on maximizing power and aerobic capacity for rowing, to a current focus on improved strength and stability to stabilize his body from past sports injuries, and to improve his current fitness level to pursue new athletic hobbies such as cross country skiing. With limited time, Mike focuses on being efficient, and, therefore, focuses on high intensity circuits. 

The level of intensity and commitment of Pat Gilles is inspiring. Also, being part of a community with highly motivates athletes helps to inspire Mike to get his workouts in even on those days that he is jet lagged. Mike appreciates Pat Gilles’s consistent and timely availability to answer questions and modify workouts even minutes before his workout. The continuous communication is key to staying focused on achieving day-to-day progress toward Mike’s longer term goals. Pat Gilles’s Online Personalized coaching stands out from other programs, and it’s clear that each workout is thoughtfully crafted to fit Mike’s unique situation. 

Pat’s Gym and Online Personalized Coaching have positively impacted Mike’s life by removing all possible reasons or obstacles that could prevent him from fitting a challenging, efficient and fun workout into each day. The program has also given Mike the structured training regimen that he has missed since being out of competitive athletics. 

The April Monthly Challenge – This monthly challenge is short, but will definitely test your mental toughness. It is focused on strength endurance but is tougher than it sounds. It will expose a lot and test you mentally. Try it and see what you can do. This is another challenge that you want to do early in the month, mid-month, and then later in the month. You will definitely see how much your mind impacts your performance.  

The Challenge is:

  • Max bar hold for time – Males #45 barbell, Females 33# barbell
  • Arms need to be fully extended and at shoulder height
  • The bar must rest on your forearm of your elbow crease or right in front of your elbow crease

Have fun with this Monthly Challenge – it is tougher than it looks!

The March Monthly Challenge – The March Monthly Challenge was short but seemed like it took forever. It helped expose weaknesses, including mental weaknesses. It involved a power movement which intimidated many. We had great participation.  The challenge was:

  • 50 box jumps for time 24/20” Male/Female 
  • Athletes had to get full extension at the top position
  • Athletes could step down or jump down. 

The winners of the Pat’s Gym April Monthly Challenge are Luke with a time of :58sec, and Katelyn with a time of 1:14. Great job!