August Newsletter

DSC09338With the last of summer coming upon us quickly, Pat’s Gym has a lot in store for this month. However, we are also getting ready for an exciting fall. With the fall comes the preparation for winter. So, stay tuned for all that we have in store, in addition, to these fantastic events and people.

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Train with Pat Gilles and you too can be an elite athlete!

Working with Pat Gilles with Online Coaching is very effective, and the results will show. Regardless if your goal is functional fitness, a triathlon or a specific sport, Pat Gilles can help you. He has helped these individuals who have recently been recognized in their sports:

Nick – lives in Japan, has worked with Pat for about 2 months now. Nick was referred to Pat through another Pat Gilles Online Coaching athlete who was recently profiled in the Pat’s Gym Monthly Newsletter. Nick plays competitive golf. Nick was not focusing on overall fitness until working with Pat. As a result of working with Pat, Nick has experienced the benefits in terms of more flexibility and strength. Nick recently won the Mid-Amateur Flyte Golf Tournament. Pat has worked with Nick on core strength and flexibility. The specific gym work has transferred nicely to his golf game.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.04.06 PMCaleb – is a competitive cyclist, and has recently won a national title. Caleb won the UCI Mountain Bike Race in Angel Fire, NM, beating out another national champion for gold. Caleb wanted to work with Pat Gilles to avoid injuries and imbalances and to focus on power and strength. Caleb has a crazy schedule with training, racing, and being a student. Therefore, Pat and Caleb have partnered together to make sure that Caleb remains injury free during the racing season while making the most of his time in the gym focusing on power and strength.


Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.48.49 PMAlison – continues to excel on the SkiErg. Alison is an Executive Director for a major not-for-profit organization in Madison. As such, she is very busy and is constantly traveling. However, Alison has made fitness a priority. Alison’s passion is participating in various marathons and half triathlons. Pat has worked one-on-one with Alison for the past two years ensuring that she is ready for her competitions, but remains healthy and strong. Alison dominates in her races, and also on the SkiErg. Alison recently set a world record for the 10K in her age group and had great success racing a half IM triathlon. In addition, Alison has won the World Record on the SkiErg in the 2016 World Sprints in her age group.


We want to congratulate these 3 athletes on their very competitive and solid accomplishments. Way to go Nick, Caleb and Alison. We look forward to seeing many more accomplishments.

DSC00006Online Coaching Athletes continue to reap the benefits

Pat Gilles and Pat’s Gym continue to provide Online Coaching athletes with great benefits. You need to check these out:

Pat Gilles and Pat’s Gym continue to provide Online Coaching athletes with great benefits. You need to check these out:
Online Coaching Group Workouts – Recently, July 22nd, Pat Gilles had a group workout for Online Coaching athletes teaching them about strategy for working out, how to plan for it, and how to execute the plan. The next Online Coaching Group Workout is scheduled for September 16th at 9:00 a.m. at Pat’s Gym.
Energy Systems Workout Seminar– On August 28th at 5:30p.m. at Pat’s Gym, Pat Gilles will describe to Online Coaching athletes what energy systems are, and how you should be working the energy systems in a smart way to pertain to your goals. This seminar will teach you the how’s and what’s associated with working out. Make sure you don’t miss out on this. Online Coaching athletes can attend this for free, all others can attend for $50.
Coaches Hours – Online Coaching athletes can get personalized service by coaches at Pat’s Gym. There are gym hours with Casey from 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., Monday – Thursday, and now starting in August from 2:30 – 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. Email Casey at to make sure he does not have a private session when you plan to attend. Casey can help you work on form, and can answer any questions you may have.

DSC00186Meet Erin, Our Profiled Athlete of Pat’s Gym 

I was introduced to Pat Gilles and Pat’s Gym by a friend of mine whose arms and “pipes” I’ve admired. I checked out Pat Gilles’s Online Coaching and have been impressed since I started. Being a small business owner, I own a veterinary clinic, I find it difficult to find time to get to a gym. Therefore, I found Online Coaching with Pat Gilles to be very attractive. As I started to work with Pat, I’ve achieved nothing but positive results from the very start. Online Coaching has done so much for my physical being and even more for my stress level.  Through my work with Pat I have discovered that the biggest challenges were mental toughness and recovery. Because the workouts are so varied, I am hooked and make working out a priority. Also, Pat’s focus on recovery didn’t become a priority for me until I realized that if I wanted a healthy body I had to focus on recovery. Pat incorporates recovery into my workouts, which has allowed me to challenge myself physically since I am 100% healthy and am injury-free.  I hope to find myself signing up for a sprint or Olympic triathlon in the future and know that I can rely on Pat Gilles to provide training tips, words of wisdom, and a whole lot of support. I am so grateful to be training with Pat Gilles and part of the Pat’s Gym community!

DSC03214Pat’s Gym Community Events are HOT, HOT, HOT

Pat’s Gym has always been about community. It’s the team work and comradery that has always set Pat’s Gym apart from other gyms. To allow our Gym members to meet other athletes, and friends and families of our athletes, we have had various Community Events this summer. The first Pat’s Gym Community Event was held in May, and the second was held on July 29th. Both events were a lot of fun, and we got in a great workout, and got to mingle and share food afterward. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people, and people with whom you have a lot in common with. There is also a great opportunity to get free body work from Alex and his team. The next Pat’s Gym Community Event will be held on September 23rd, at Central Park, starting with a great workout at 11:00 a.m., and followed by a picnic/barbecue afterward. If you missed the first two, then you need to attend this one. If you attended the first two, or just one of them, you know why you want to attend the last summer event!

DSC03451The Monthly Challenge continues 

The August Monthly Challenge will be a lot of fun, but very challenging. It will be spread out over the month, and you will aggregate your score. You will do exercises playing the song “Bring Sally Up Bring Sally Down.” Each week you will do a different exercise while the song is playing, and you will count your reps. You will add all reps at the end of the month. The winner will be the athlete who has the most reps accumulated at the end of the month. The exercises are as follows:

Week 1 (1-6th) Push ups
Week 2 ( (7-13th) Pull up
Week 3 (14-20th) Squats
Week 4 (21-27th) Push ups
Week 5 (28-31st) Pull ups

Rules that apply are:

Do push ups to the song and holds are at the bottom repeat until you can’t do it anymore. If you make the entire song it is 3:26 time added to your monthly time
Knees can’t touch the ground and if you miss an up or down you are done
Pull up during sally up and dead hang in the down position
Squats hold 90 degrees at the bottom during the hold and down position

Have fun with the August Monthly Challenge. Everyone should be able to compete!

The July Monthly challenge was tough. A lot of people participated and I wish to say, “thank you” to everyone who attempted it. The numbers were impressive. The challenge consisted of:

30sec ski > or equal to
Females 115m
Males 150m
90sec “rest” complete 1 pull up
Each round you needed to add 1 rep of pull ups during the rest period
If you failed to hit the meters or reps you were done. You will count your last full round

The winners of the challenge for July were Erin H with 27 rounds for females, and Josh for males with 17 rounds. Great show, and it was great that so many people tried.