December 2019 Newsletter

The last month of any year, is really exciting. It’s the start of a new beginning. Generally, during this month – December – many athletes set forth goals that are too unrealistic or realistic, but she/he have no way of knowing how to achieve them. Let us help you get there. We have the experience, and various options to help you get there. Check out our offerings and see what Pat’s Gym has to offer. Be inspired and set yourself on a path to achieve your goals!

New equipment, new training!  Come into Pat’s Gym and see what this is all about. See how we can help you achieve your goals, in a unique and fun way….

At Pat’s Gym, we’re always experimenting, researching and designing in a way that takes advantage of the latest studies, equipment and exercises. We incorporate this into the design of our workouts, regardless if it’s classes, privates or Online Coaching with Pat Gilles. We ordered Kevlar balls, an AirRunner, an ATP, a climbing peg board and much, much more. We not only use this equipment to help you achieve your goals, but we also use it to keep our athletes healthy, correct imbalances, and injury-free. 

For example, the ATP is a great piece of equipment; it’s unique and very effective. It helps to stimulate the glutes, the hip flexors, and takes any pressure off the spine with traction. Nothing compares to it. Everyone who has used it is reaping the benefits and excited to keep trying new movements on it. Come in and see how effective it truly is. Schedule an appointment with a Pat’s Gym coach and see what it’s like. 

Treat Yourself or Someone Special to Something Special – It’s that time of the year – running around and looking for that special gift for that special someone (including something for yourself)? Then look no further. We have a lot of items that would be the perfect gift. We have a few special items for that special someone in your life. Give the gift of health – buy a package of personal coaching sessions, buy a month of Online Coaching with Pat Gilles, or a month of classes. If you’re looking for a unique stocking stuffer, then buy a special baseball hat, a cropped hoodie, a water bottle, a winter hat, or even a t-shirt. We have you covered, and it won’t break the bank. Tell that special person that you really care. They make for great gifts for that someone special in your life or give to yourself. It would make a great gift for the holidays. Come get them before they are gone. 

A Holiday Special – Pat’s Gym is offering a holiday special for our athletes. It is a great way to take advantage the services that Pat’s Gym has to offer, to get specialized attention, and to set yourself up for success for 2019. Pat’s Gym will offer you 10 private coaching sessions, a month of all you can attend classes, and access to our coaches who can help answer any questions you may have. Package prices can be obtained by emailing The services contained in the packages need to be used by December 31, 2018, and payment must be received prior to starting the services. It’s great to give to yourself for the holidays, and to jump start your routine as 2020 begins. 

Holiday Class Schedule – Don’t fret about staying in shape over the holidays!! We will have a special Christmas Eve class on December 24th at 9:00 a.m., then the normal class schedule continues through for the rest of the year. We will also offer a special New Year’s Day class on January 1st at 9:00 a.m.  So, don’t worry about having your workout routine interrupted – we won’t let you regress at Pat’s Gym. Keep up your routine! Your body will thank you for it later. 

December’s Profiled Pat’s Gym Athlete – Read more about Crystal and be inspired.

My employer, Aprilaire has a corporate health program with Pat’s Gym. Employees of Aprilaire can workout at Pat’s Gym in a personalized class to help fellow employees improve our health. I have been working out at Pat’s Gym for the past 5 years.  

Besides playing basketball until high school, and participating in hockey in high school, most of Crystal’s early years were sedentary. After her children were old enough, Crystal started running and kickboxing; however, those activities were hard on her joints. Crystal did experience the profound benefits on her mood and outlook with exercising.

When Crystal started working out at Pat’s Gym, she loved the classes. After all these years, Crystal has built great relationships with her co-workers, as they cheered each other on. Also, they were able to connect in helping each other successfully complete the workouts. 

Crystal also enjoyed spending time in Pat’s Gym classes outside of the corporate classes. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive – it is never intimidating.

The coaches are the biggest cheerleaders. Crystal has built great relationships with the coaches at Pat’s Gym because they care about helping you improve.  They know that you can do it, even when you think you can’t.  I love that they push you, because they believe in you.

For the past 9 months, Crystal has also been training with Pat Gilles through Online Coaching. She loves training with Online Coaching because its focused only on Crystal and her goals. She has seen gains in strength and aerobic capabilities since being on a focused program that Pat builds specifically for her. Also, the flexibility of Online coaching allows Crystal to stay consistent with her training even when her schedule changes. Pat does a great job building workouts around a cramped/changing schedule and for vacation – even camping.    

Crystal set a goal to build strength and endurance, and place in the top 5 in the 1000m sprint. This year, Crystal exceeded her 1000m SkiErg goal in the Concept2 World SkiErg Sprint Competition! Crystal is excited to keep increasing her 1RMs and wants to get even better on the ski with both sprinting and longer distances.

Crystal loves working with Pat Gilles. Through Pat, Crystal has access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. Pat is an intelligent and respected expert when it comes to training and wellness. 

It’s different from other experiences because the coaches and Pat push you to reach a little further.  In other classes she’s been in, some people barely break a sweat and reach for the lightest weights possible every time.  I like the passion the athletes at Pat’s bring with them. I love that people at Pat’s love working out.  It shows with the energy and focus they bring to every class.

By training with Pat Gilles, Crystal has learned that she can accomplish just about anything if she has the right attitude. She has applied Pat Gilles’ mental toughness in all other areas of her life. As a result, Crystal is better able to take on stressful situations.

When she started, Crystal had major knee pain and wasn’t able to squat deep or do lunges because of the pain.  It was tough to sit down and standup without assistance. Because of his experience, Pat knew how to build a program with movements that build strength in the places that were lacking it. Crystal is now able to squat deep and can-do lunges again. Another unexpected surprise was that an old shoulder injury doesn’t bother Crystal anymore.  When she first started Online Training, she had a hard time dealing with pain in that shoulder, but now the pain is completely gone.  

For Crystal, Pat’s gym is a great way for people not only to increase their physical abilities, but it has a positive effect on all other parts of life too, including some great conversation starters like, “guess how many man-makers I did yesterday?  What’s a man-maker?  Let me show you!” Crystal loves showing her twelve and thirteen-year-old sons what their mom is capable of. Crystal is excited to share her passion for fitness with them on their own journeys. Crystal is looking forward to when her kids start lifting weight and are able to do more endurance activities; she’ll be there right alongside them!

The December Monthly Challenge – Each year at Pat’s Gym, the Monthly Challenge rings in the holiday. Also, it will put you in mood for the festivities! The December Monthly Challenge is the 12 Days of Christmas. It consists of the following:

’12 Days of Christmas’

  • 1 lap plate push 45/25# in the green room 
  • 2 Ground to Overhead 95/65 or 63#  
  • 3 Man makers 2×15/30 
  • 4 Power clean 95/65 or 63#  
  • 5 Shoulder to OH 95/65 or 63#  
  • 6 Lunges (each side) 2×15/30 
  • 7 Pull ups 
  • 8 Calories rower 
  • 9 push ups 
  • 10 box jump overs 20/24
  • 11 Burpee over bar  
  • 120 plate jumps 45#  

The workout should be done just as ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ song is sung.

Every 6mins stop and do 7/10 calories on the ski (females do 7 calories and men do 10 calories). There is a 60min cap on time. Have fun with this one!

Coaches at Pat’s Gym need to do the following:

’12 Days of Christmas’

  • 1 lap peg board 
  • 2 snatches   115/75
  • 3 Muscle ups 
  • 4 Power clean 135/95
  • 5 Shoulder to OH 135/95
  • 6 pistols alternating 15/30#  
  • 7 CTB 
  • 8 Rower calories 
  • 9 HSPU   
  • 10 box jump overs 20/24  
  • 11 Burpees over bar 
  • 120 Double unders  

The workout should be done just as ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ song is sung.

Every 6mins stop and do 7/10 calories on the ski (females do 7 calories and men do 10 calories). There is a 60min cap on time. Have fun with this one!

You get scored on how fast you go through the exercises. Count each one carefully and enjoy the song!

The November Monthly Challenge –Each year, Pat’s Gym participates in the Concept2 World Competition SkiErg for the 1000m race for the best time. This year, as in similar years we’ve had our athletes place extremely well. Crystal placed second in the world overall for females and first in her age group with a time of 3:30.9. She also set a world record for her age group. Katie placed third in the world overall for females with a time of 3:31.1. Eric won his age group with a time of 3:07.8 and set a world record. We could not be more proud of these individuals and everyone who put their best effort forward.  

The winners of the Pat’s Gym November Monthly Challenge are Eric with a time of 3:07.8, and Crystal with a time of 3:30.9. Good job!