February Newsletter

DSC09070With one month already gone in 2018, now is the time to focus on getting into shape. It’s never too late or never too early, and Pat’s Gym and Pat Gilles are hosting many events to help you get into great shape for 2018. Read on for more details….

123Pat’s Gym Community EventPat’s Gym will be having another Community Event on February 10, at 9:00 a.m. at Pat’s Gym. It’s a great time to meet other athletes who share similar goals, and who are mutually supportive of our athletes. It’s a great time and a great workout. Come prepared to have fun, and to sweat. You family members, kids and friends are welcome. It’s a great time for all. Help spread the word that Pat’s Gym is a great Community comprised of great athletes. The event is free!





DSC01893Pat Gilles’ Online Coaching Workout – As part of the benefits of Online Coaching with Pat Gilles, monthly he hosts an event for his Online Coaching athletes. The events consist of 3 fitness/nutrition seminars, and 9 group workouts per year. It’s a great benefit that Online Coaching athletes have. February’s event is an Online Coaching Group Workout at Pat’s Gym. It takes place on February 17, at 9:00 a.m. at Pat’s Gym. Come and have a great workout, and learn how to improve your workouts.




Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 4.48.43 PM

Pat’s Gym Winter CompetitionTo help keep you in shape and get you ready for Spring 2018 competitions, Pat’s Gym is hosting a Concept2 Row, BikeErg and SkiErg individual and team events. You don’t want to miss out on the fun.  The events will take place on February 24, with individual events taking place the morning of February 24 and the team events taking place during the afternoon. You can start training today!

  • Pat Gilles has created programs to help you improve your efficiency. You can start those programs today.  Just email Pat Gilles at
  • Individual Events details are as follows:
    • Short –  15min ski, 15min bike, 15mn row
    • Half – 30min ski, 30min bike, 30min row
    • Max meters wins and 30sec for transitions
    • Start times go off in waves
  • Team Events details are as follows:
    • Full 1 hour ski, 1 hour bike, 1 hour row
    • Max meters wins and 30secs for transitions
    • Need to tag your partner before they start (1 person per machine)
    • Teams of 2 or 3, choice of the team
    • Start time goes off in waves
  • All events will take place on the Concept 2 Machines; Rower, SkiErg and BikeErg
  • Fees – half of which will be donated to the United Way of Dane County
    • Individuals
      • $25 Entry fee with No Program
      • $275 Entry fee with a program
    • Teams of 2 – 3
      • $60 Entry fee per team member with No program
      • $325 Entry fee for all team members and a program or individuals

DSC05797Pat’s Gym Athlete of the MonthIn honor of February and Valentine’s Day, I am going to take a moment and highlight the athlete of the month….or at least my athlete of my life. Roza Gilles is not only an amazing partner, she is an amazing and driven athlete and partner. She started working out seriously about 3 years ago. We met at the gym, and she had a crazy life as a model. She was traveling the world and not taking care of herself like she is today. What I saw in her when we met, was a passion/drive that is unusual except for really competitive athletes. Her mind is really something, especially, with regard to mental toughness. For monthly challenges, she keeps me honest and motivates me. We workout daily and she pushes me to excel. In life she is an amazing partner. At the gym in the business she is creative and helps me support my athletes. She is always at the gym willing to help out our athletes with regard to form, and she pushes them just like I do to excel.

Roza’s knowledge about working out, fitness and nutrition has blossomed in the past 3 years. She is not only pushing me in the gym to excel, she is constantly testing my knowledge with the latest studies on fitness, health and nutrition. She is keeping me on my toes, although, I am constantly pushing myself. I have found my partner in life who will constantly push me to excel. My life is now complete, and I am so glad that she shares my passion. She has made my life complete.


RESULTS – Team Pat’s Gym – Concept2 Virtual Team Challenge – Athletes around the world formed and competed in Concept2’s Virtual Team Challenge. Pat’s Gym had a successful team, and we’re proud of our results. We totaled 1,530,727m as a team during the month of January. In this Virtual Team Challenge we had team members from all over the United States. I’m proud of our team and the meters logged! We definitely will try to beat these numbers next year. Members completed these meters on the Concept2 SkiErg, BikeErg, and Rower.





February Monthly ChallengeThis’s month’s monthly challenge will favor no one (size, age or gender), but will show you where you need to focus to obtain maximum functional fitness. The challenge is as follows, where the winner will have the shortest time, and ensure you’re focused on perfect form:

  • 10 Pull ups or bodyweight rows if you can’t do pull ups
  • 20 Walks outs to plank and back up to full extension
  • 30 KB swings 55/35#
  • 40 Feet anchored sit ups
  • 50 Calories Ski
  • 60 Burpees
  • 10 Pull ups or bodyweight rows if you can’t do pull ups

We recommend doing it once at the beginning of the month, maybe once in the middle of the month, and once at the end of the month to see how you’ve improved. You may want to add in some of these exercises to your warm-ups or cool-downs to help you improve during the month.

The January Monthly Challenge was a great one to determine aerobically what type of shape you’re in. It was in the format of an Every Minute on the Minute (“EMOM”). The January Monthly Challenge was:

  • 2x Bodyweight in meters on the BikeErg with the remaining time doing KB Goblet Squats at 50% of your body weight.
  • The time was up when you reached 100 squats
    • So, if you weight 165#’s, then you had 1 min to achieve 330m and the remaining time you had to do the goblet squats
  • Every beginning of every minute, you had to go back to the bike and do 330m, and then with the remaining time you had to do the goblet squats (KB Goblet squats @ 50% bodyweight and you can use 2 KB’s to make up the weight in the rack position).
  • The winner was determined based upon that athlete having the best time.

Our winners for the January 2018 Monthly Challenge were Dan Culhane for men with a time of 10:56, and Erin Haroldson for women with a time of 7:03.


Recovery ToolI am always looking for new ways to recover. One great way to get the blood flowing into sore muscles is rolling out. I have always used the knobby roller, and that is my staple routine every night. I have a video in the Pat’s Gym website Exercise Library called “Foam Rolling 101” that explains the best way to roll out. However, I have recently discovered a great recovery tool that supplements the knobby roller; they are products created by Hyperice. They have spheres that vibrate, rollers that vibrate, and a great belt that vibrates and has a heating element. The vibrating element in it is very strong and will definitely help relax the muscles, and get the blood flowing. I even use the vibrating sphere on my psoas to loosen it up. I’ve contacted Hyperice and have gotten Pat’s Gym athletes a 30% discount on all products. When you check out you can indicate under the code PG30 and you will receive 30% off of the product. If you try out their products, let me know what you think!