February Newsletter

February is a month where winter may seem long, but spring is around the corner. February is a time to look forward to spring and summer goals and get after it! Don’t delay too much longer or you will be playing catch up. Check out what we have going on in February and be inspired!

A New Year Opportunity – 

Within a blink of an eye, the first month of the New Year has come and gone. Have you been sticking to your resolutions? If not, don’t fret! Change doesn’t have to start on January 1st, it can start now! 

We’re here to help you keep your New Year’s resolution. Here are five tips that can keep you on track

  1. Change = Gradual Process

Look at change as a gradual process and it will become clear that ‘anytime’ is an opportune time to start making your goal a reality. Make sure the fitness goals you choose are manageable, that way it doesn’t become overwhelming, and you’ll enjoy what you’re doing.

2. Put it in writing

Write down your fitness goals then list the advantages of completing them. Make copies and post them around the house, place it anywhere you’ll see it. That way when you feel your motivation is slipping you can read it and remember why you started to begin with.

3. Social accountability

Post your challenge on your social media sites with daily updates about your progress as well as any struggles you encounter. This will give you the extra encouragement to continue achieving your goal.

4. Make a schedule and stick to it

Making a schedule will break up your goal into small manageable parts. Sticking to it will help when the motivation isn’t there and your discipline will carry you through lacing up the shoes and working out. 

What Pat’s Gym Offers – 

Personal training – Sit down with a coach that fits your schedule and let them create a tailored plan for working out, nutrition, recovery, and stress management for you. If you train three times a week you get a key for the gym for 24-hour access. Having someone in front of you, correcting your form, and being there for your ups and downs will help motivate you. The Pat’s Gym accountability and environment has been proven to help reach fitness goals of all endeavors. 

Online coaching – No matter where you train, having a specific tailored workout plan created for you will help. You can use your bodyweight, odd objects, minimal equipment at your house, any gym you belong too, or come into Pat’s gym. Programs are created a week at a time on an interactive website because life is adaptable, so your workouts need to be as well. You will give your coach feedback everyday about what is working and what isn’t. Stop guessing what to eat and how to work out. Let us help you start today. 

FYF – If you need or want that group environment, 5 pm FYF class is for you. Enjoy a great motivating workout at Pat’s Gym with people of similar values and beliefs. Mark your calendars for every Friday and start your weekend off the right way with a fun challenging workout. 

Contact Pat today to see what option is right for you.

News Around the Gym – 

New Olympic lifting platform. You will now get effective feedback performing your Olympic-style lifts on this new platform. Your Olympic lifts can be performed under the eyes of a certified, experienced Pat’s Gym coach. 

Barbells. We added more durable Barbells that match the performance and quality of elite-level Olympic bars. They are strong, smooth, and precise. 

Reverse Hyper. With constant activation of the entire poster chain in a strengthening and restorative fashion, the Reverse Hyper is a major go-to for athletes and lifters alike.

Dumbbells. The new dbs have heavy-duty, rubber-encased heads minimize noise and limit wear and tear, while the chrome-plated handle is ergonomically designed for a firm but comfortable feel in any grip style.

Kettlebells. We have new sizes from light too heavy to challenge you in different ways when using them for swings, clean & jerks, snatches, farmers walk carries, and many other movements.

The February Monthly Challenge – 

The February Monthly Challenge is one movement, that involves using your entire body. Don’t be deterred or intimidated but inspired and feel the challenge. 

The February Monthly Challenge is simple, so not understanding it is not an excuse. Try this one, and see what your time is:

100 burpees to a 12’ target for time 

The winners of the Pat’s Gym January Monthly Challenge are Katie with a time of 11:22, and Patrick with a time of 11:17. Great job!