February Newsletter

IMG_3922It’s amazing that 2017, has started and we’re already into February. January is always a busy month at Pat’s Gym with our new classes, athletes coming into the gym, and special events. This is one Newsletter you do not want to miss out on….

DSC00463New Classes – Our athletes have expressed appreciation for the new classes that we’ve added and the changed times. The consistent feedback we’ve gotten is that the 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. classes allow our athletes to come in, get a great workout, and then head into the office. Also, the 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. classes are great for having a choice of classes for working out after the business day is over. The new kettlebell class and gymnastics class are also receiving great reviews. Come try one of our new classes, but be prepared to be hooked!





Online Coaching – Online Coaching continues to grow and Pat Gilles is giving those athletes a lot of great workouts and advice to up their fitness level, and achieve their goals. On January 21, Pat Gilles had a great workout planned for his Online Coaching athletes that not only had them sweating, but also had an educational component to it about learning how to use feedback cues to improve their workouts, but also stressed the importance of warm ups and cool downs. For February, Pat will be teaming with a special guest to show his Online Coaching athletes a great way to recover from a tough workout!




Our Athletes – I’m so proud of our athletes at Pat’s Gym. All of them have made such great strides, that we will start telling the incredible stories of our athletes. We have had past athletes do such incredible things, that I want to share their stories because they are such an inspiration. The first athlete I will highlight is Joe. Joe is a high school student who recently committed to play D1 football at the University of Iowa. Joe came to me for training, to gain weight, increase his strength, power and endurance. In the past 2 months that I’ve worked with him, his perseverance and dedication and drive have all improved. I am helping him uncover his true potential. Please join me in wishing Joe good luck as he starts his college journey after the summer is over. Joe will go far!




Concept2 Challenge – Pat’s Gym participated in the Concept2 challenge for maximum meters done on the SkiErg or rower in the month of January. I’m proud to say that the athletes at the Gym logged 1,431,629 meters. That put us in approximately the top 100 gyms that participated in the world. For a gym our size, I’m so proud that we placed where we did. Our winners are Jim G with a total of 283786 meters, followed by Alison P with 125,818 meters, Gretchen Z. with a total of 100,905 meters, followed by Mike F with 100,904 meters. Great job! Jim wins a free coaching session, Alison wins a free t-shirt and Gretchen and Mike wins a free water bottle. Stay tuned for our next competition!



Monthly Challenge – February’s Monthly Challenge is going to be a great one. It involves having to do 140 lunges each leg with 2 dumbbells held in a farmer hold, and every time you set them down you have to do 14 calories on the SkiErg. Men use 2×30# and women use 2×15#. The winner will be the one with the shortest time. It won’t take long, but it will have you sweating and second guessing yourself. And of course the 140 lunges is based on the special day of February 14th.

The January Monthly Challenge was doing 100 bench presses at 100% of your body weight for time. That was a tough one. Jeff Klein won with a time of 36.25 min, and Gretchen won for the females with a time of 21.59 min. Coach Bryan won among the coaches. This one was a tough one.